Gray Balance Samples

This is an interactive demonstration. In the image sets below, notice the gray boxes under each image. The boxes that appear gray (no color cast) represent a gray balanced or G7 printer. The boxes that have a slight to severe color cast to them represent a printer that is not G7 certified. Viewing the images without understanding how G7 works you would not notice if your printer was correctly printing your artwork. This is why using a G7 certified printer is vital when purchasing print. The more you know about color the more confident you can be when ordering printing.

Instructions: Click on the slider and drag left and right to watch the color transformations

Severe Color Shift

Would you eat the burger on the right?

Moderate Color Shift

Our beach combers look sunburned in the photo on the right.

This set of pictures shows how a slight color shift in your gray balance affects ALL other colors in the color gamut of your printer. On the left the gray is balanced. On the right the gray has shifted. Notice that the other colors have also shifted. This is what causes a color cast. The image on the right, though it looks okay by itself, is still incorrect. The picutre on the left is the correct represenation of the file because the printer has been profiled using G7 methods and is perfectly balanced to neutral. This image has been placed in a slider below so you can see the difference more clearly.

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